XIV. pálinka- és párlatverseny

Palinka judging courses

The aim of the Quintessence pálinka training courses for those who are interested in producing pálinkas, for those who are consumers and producers of qualified pálinkas to get such ideal and practical knowledge about sensual qualifying and typicities of fruit and wine distillates how to mash, about the possibilities of pálinka making, about the professional judging of pálinkas, about judging systems what can be  used in practice, their knowledge can get deeper and  their sensual judging can develop. It is very important to train continuously the members of the judges of Quintessence Pálinka Competition to renew their knowledge and to fulfil with new competent people. The trainings were organized in three different ways in the last few years.

  1. A training for beginners (40-45 lessons) starting from the basis getting to the basic skills of pálinka judging and practice. The course is closed by an exam. You can take part in the course occasionally. The courses are kept every second week.
  2. A training course for advanced people (90- 120 lessons). The aim here is to make the knowledge of pálinka judging deeper with many practice, typicities, to identify mistakes in pálinkas with many unique, serious activities and practice used only here. The course is closed by an exam. The number of participants are limited. It is advertised once or twice a year.  Those people whose results reach 80% of the exam can get into the members of the judges of the Quintessence Pálinka Competition.
  3. For those only who are the members of the judges of the Quintessence Pálinka Competition in special subjects according to the judging experience of the competition.


Often those who have more professional knowledge can be the participants of a beginner training to renew and refresh their knowledge, but there are people who start with the advanced course at once.

The trainings are held by György Lovassy, László takács and Béla Nyilasi.

Anyone can apply for the courses online. For further information find László Takács or write an e-mail to okeonga@upcmail.hu

The next training courses will be held in March of 2018 for advanced, which advertising can be seen on the website in February of 2018.