XII. pálinka- és párlatverseny

Told about us

‘The judgement is supported by a very well organized, correct, precise, perfect background work, which is helped by a software developed for this special work. There is no possibility and there are no interests on influencing results of the distillates. It has been the best professional background where the entered palinkas are estimated by the best experts with the help of know-how a gradually developed judgement system. It is an experience to receive the prizes on a beautiful, ceremonial gala. In a short way: All in all it is by far the best distillate competition in the Middle-East European region.’ - György Lovassy (Palinka –technologies) -


‘In the years of 2013 and 2014 the company Potio Nobilis had their palinkas competed in four countries (Hungary, Austria, Serbia and Slovakia). They took part in Hungary in Gyula, Kecel and Onga. Apart from the competition in Austria I was able to take part in the judgement as well. I can bravely state that the palinka competition of Onga is by far the best competition in the Carpathian-basin for me with its judgement organizing, quality, in prizing and in the organizing of the gala of ceremonial announcement of its results.’- Tibor Dezső (Potio Nobilis-Transylvania, Romania) -


‘Have you got good quality palinkas? Do you offer them proudly to your friends? Come and show them for us. Enter for the best competition of the country with the best specialists and masters where we give an opinion of your palinkas with the most excellent experts and judges to help you to have noble drinks.’- Béla Nyilasi ( The Master of Distillery of Bükkaranyos Palinka Ltd.) -


‘What makes a competition precious for me? The data are handed in a discrete way, it works independently. My work is helped by the results and the appreciation of its professional background. We can usefully fit it into our firm’s marketing by the professional appreciation of the competition. According to the results we can choose what competitions we should enter with our palinkas. In my opinion it is the competition which corresponds to my expectations in Hungary.’- Tibor Vértes (Palinka Distillery of Agárd) -


‘A lot of people can make good palinkas here in Hungary. But to organize a good competition very few of them can. That is why that well-known Hungarian palinka firms took part in international palinka competitions in the last few years. The Palinka Competition in Onga has changed it with its originality, its sincerity and its organization. Let’s meet in Onga this year again at the PALINKA COMPETITION.’- Árpád Nagy (Árpád Palinka) -


‘We have entered from Transylvania Székelyudvarhely for the first time to the Quintessence palinka competition. It is an extraordinary feeling to take part in a significant competition like this. Congratulations for the organizers for the international reputation for the event organized in a picturesque milieu proper to the elegance of palinka. We are proud of our rewarded well-known palinkas making famous our Transylvanian palinkas’ reputation. ’- Melinda Szőcs, Székelyudvarhely -


‘I have entered to the palinka competition for the first time. It was a really great step for me. I only take part in smaller competitions. Palinka for me is only a hobby. I succeeded to get a gold medal and a bronze medal. It turned out for me that in fact only the best qualified palinkas got medals. In my opinion it was a great and correct competition. The scene –situated in the Hotel Palace- was refreshing for me. I was here in 2003 on honeymoon. To sum up the whole programme was very good. I hope we can enter next year as well.’ – Krisztián Horváth, Celldömölk–


‘The palinka competition organized by you –as I experienced- was a correct and absolute fair work. The bills of the fees and the judging papers were correctly handed out. The competition conditions were sent in time, which I would like to thank here as well. I would like to suggest in connection with competition organizing that later you should not ask fees by samples but by an entering person, because –I think- more samples would be entered in that case. It is only my opinion you can see it better.’ -Attila Varga, Szombathely-


‘Taking part in the palinka ball and in the competition was like to taste the palinka after distillation. I am always looking forward to the great wonder. We were not only looking forward to it, but also it has arrived as well, not only because of our results but also the great arranging of it as well. ‘– Gábor Müller, Onga –