XIII. pálinka- és párlatverseny

Competition rules

Palinka and Distillate Competition XII
Competition Rules



The organizers of the Quintessence Pálinka and Distillate Competition have been being inspired by the specific situation of the Covid since the Quintessence XI. The substance of it is around the meaning of the word QUINTESSENCE: „hard distillate, essence, quintessence, the essence of something”. This recognition made the organizers – who recognized the need of this change - restructure the rules of the judging system. The positive parts and experiences have been remained by the organizers, but some parts of the system from the judging to the position of the competition have been renewed.

The main parts of this:

  • The judging of the pálinka and distillate competition will be done by the unique 100 pointed system, leaving the 20 pointed system strucure. The 100 judging system according to the experiences of marketing experts of wine competitions can result in an easier way of qualifying pálinkas and distillates. It gives possibility to make differences among the pálinkas and distillates.
  • The competition ’Quintessence ’should be the placed as one of the best ones. To expand time on their products and the opinions of their products. Competitors can get a deeper, detailed and more objective feedback about their pálinkas.
  • We can rise the value of the champion prize. Only the most excellent ones can get the exceptional appreciation, the bigger value a big golden award will be.
  • We invite applicants to be the best woman private distiller.
  • We change the place of the gala of the announcements of results with bigger media part.